Am I too old for YouTube?


I see YouTube is suspending accounts left and right. Yes, yes we all know people are uploading copyrighted material which technically does not belong to them. I understand deleting the vids or their account etc. to correct this. My quibble isn’t directly with this. Its more an issue of what is replacing these vids. I began to notice more and more when I would visit YouTube there is some vid showing someone in some sexy pose with a vid and vid info whose whole purpose seemed to be to go into great detail about what makes the poster so sexy.

Or I would innocently put in some search term only to find myself looking at some vid of a very obese woman dancing or whatever. I mean I know companies want to protect their assets but personally I would rather see some kid’s homage to their favorite anime than some woman prancing around 1/2 dressed whether its the obese woman or the woman who thinks she is God’s gift to humanity. Just today I logged into my account for the first time in a couple of weeks and what do I see? There were thumbnails of a few featured vids. The very first one was some woman’s a@@ hanging out from the bottom of her way too short skirt. I suspect that even if I were gay this would not tempt me. As it is I just find it annoying.

We’ve also got about 1 million vids that some dingbat has put up about someone playing DDR. Usually its an overweight person but just the other day I stumbled upon a vid that someone had put up of a one legged man playing DDR. What the hell is so hilarious about watching a physically challenged person playing DDR? For that matter, whats so funny about a fat person playing DDR? We want kids to be more physically active but honestly why should they? They are probably scared they will wind up on a YouTube vid with a brilliant “fat kid playing DDR” as video info.

Am I just too old for YouTube? Is this what passes for humor these days? Is this what YouTube is striving for? Is this the kind of original content they want?

Please bring back the anime vids. The slashy vids. Just save me from another vid of some unfortunate person innocently having fun on a video game while some degenerate snickers in the background as they film the “hilarious” moment.


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