Drama but not Korean


Can I just say I love Heroes. What a breath of fresh air to get some science fiction on network TV. I was almost afraid to watch this show because I didn’t want to get invested in it and then have to deal with a quick cancellation, which is the fate of most scific shows (I’m still smarting from Harsh Realm – lasted all of 3 episodes!). It’s good to see that the American public has caught on to this show. I suppose the reason is that it can appeal to people on many different levels.

The writers have done a good job of keeping up the suspense from episode to episode. There are several stories going on at once and just when you are thinking “what’s the connection here?” the writers throw one at you and you have to digest it quickly because the actions is already moving on to the next scene. Case in point. Claire’s “adoption” into the family where we get to see that it was Hiro’s father who ordered this while in the background little Hiro plays.

Also the intent of the characters is being cleverly masked so that there have been several jaw dropping moments when someone we thought we had figured out turns into something unexpected. I think the main thing that has attracted such a wide audience is that it is at its core a human drama. Take away the super human abilities and you’ve got just regular people making regular choices and trying to live their life as best they can when something unexpected falls into their lap. From the police officer with marital problems to the protective father to the people struggling to find their place in this world, there is at least one character that everyone can identify with. We can also wonder how we would react if these things had happened to us. I’m sure many people have wished they could read someone’s mind, but is it really such a blessing? Not if you hear things you don’t want to hear.

I’m still trying to decide which power I would want.


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