Sims videos

Yes I’m way behind, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m kinda down on YouTube at this point. Since I rarely visit the site now-a-days imagine my surprise to discover this new (to me) genre of videos. People are taking Sims 2 characters and making music videos using them. Very clever and btw, I am really jealous of ppl who have the ability to do this. In any case, below you will find the vid I bumped into. A whole new take on AMVs which is what I am more familiar with. This is what I want to see from YouTube. I know there will be the usual protests about copyright which I understand but what I mean by “this” is that it is something that showed some creativity and originality not the usual vid of someone slipping and busting their head on the sidewalk which is what seems to pass for humor these days.

Anyway, enjoy the vid!