“Reaper” New Fall 07 Show

Is it being disloyal to Brimstone that I am actually anticipating Reaper which is scheduled to show on CW, Tuesdays at 9 P.M.?

Reaper, surprisingly enough is about a young man who has to return escaped souls to hell. Sound familiar Brimstone fans? This show is supposed to have a comedic bent which will probably make it a bit more palatable to a wider audience. It’s also got Tyler Labine in it who back in 2001 was in a quirky funny show called “Dead Last” which unfortunately was about where it finished in the ratings and was subsequently canceled. It’s one of those shows I keep hoping the SciFi channel runs one of these days. (Well, that and G vs. E, which if you saw Dead Last you would understand the connection).

As you can probably see from this post I’ve got a fondness for quirky scifi shows that are (IMHO) prematurely canceled. Better keep my love of “Heroes” under wraps :D


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