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I don’t know how many of you frequent forums but if you do and if you happen to frequent anime forums sometimes they can make you feel really old. I’ve been looking around a couple different forums for views regarding the deal between Geneon and ADV that fell through. You can almost draw a line and divide people up by age based on their reaction to the mess.

Just to bring you up to speed, Geneon had been in talks with ADV so that ADV would handle distribution and marketing for Geneon USAs properties. However the deal has fallen through. In the meantime Geneon laid off a bunch of staff presumably in preparation for this deal with ADV. IcV2 has a few articles on this –> timeline

Now here is the thing. There are people who’s first reaction is glee that Geneon USA will no longer exist because now they can download fansubs “with no fear”. Whereas you have others who immediately are sympathetic to the plight of these laid off workers at Geneon USA. I think that is totally an age thing. I didn’t even think about the fansub issue until I saw a post at ANN with someone joyfully celebrating the future availability of Geneon USAs properties in fansubs. Sorry to burst your bubble downloaders but thats not the way it works. They may stop distribution but it doesn’t mean they suddenly don’t hold the license to the anime. You still can not go around downloading their titles because who knows how long their license last for.

Someone actually made a very interesting point on one of the ANN threads (I don’t remember if it was a response to the Geneon issue or something else). I am paraphrasing but he seemed to be saying that anime companies should go after bootleggers more than people downloading licensed titles. His point seemed to be that people downloading the fansubs probably never intended to buy your product in the first place. However if you look at it, someone buying a DVD on eBay or whatever is someone that is actually willing to spend money to buy your title. This is someone who would have used that money in the store buying the legitimate copy if it wasn’t easier for them to just pick up a copy on eBay or whatever where there are many pirated vids floating around. Also some people may not be aware that they are buying a pirated copy. This is a point that hadn’t really occurred to me before but I realize has a lot of merit.

I’ve kind of meandered a bit from my original topic here but maybe my point is that the anime industry right now in the US is a little bit of a mess and I’m wondering who (what company that is) will be left standing once this all shakes out.

Oh and this is probably a good time to stock up on Geneon’s titles since who knows what will happen in the future in terms of availability.


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