I still don’t understand — Jam Loey Rak -Take 2

-Warning! Spoilers ahead–

So I finished watching Jam Loey Rak about a week ago and I still don’t understand how she fell in love with him. I can understand his feelings towards her in a sense, fueled by lust and remorse at the way he has treated her. Soraya is also a good person and he can see that and realize that she was a treasured friend of his brother.

There is however no reason that I can see why she should fall in love with him. He did give her a lovely bracelet as a gift but as lovely as it is, it can not compensate for his treatment of her. Actually as I was watching it I began to wonder if any feelings Soraya exhibited towards Harit were really a manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome.

It’s also interesting to me that the few pics and images I’ve seen around of Soraya and Harit will show them in a loving embrace or holding hands and smiling as if this was some grand love. Maybe if they put the words “1 year later” on the bottom of the pics? This really isn’t that kind of lovey-dovey drama you would expect from the images. Whether or not you agree with my character assessments I think most anyone would characterize this as a very angst laden drama and not a grandly romantic love story.



  1. It’s thai drama. It rarely makes sense.

    Yes, it is most definitely Stockholm syndrome.

    There are other things too.
    -similar interest -they both love nature
    -pity for his lost.
    -he’s a decent human being when it comes to his workers
    -sexual attraction…haha.
    -she’s young and stupid

    –in real life, there are girls like Soriya. They go for the douche bags when there are plenty of decent guys out there. I believe it’s the Bad Boy allure. Some women want to be conquered. They love the up and down wave of abusiveness and tenderness. It makes them feel alive. It’s somewhat sick.

    When you’re watching Thai dramas, you kinda have to leave your brain out the door.

  2. Definitely Stockholm syndrome. Moreover, the original novel for this drama is old, like extremely old, old, in the age where women like Sansanee who actually have an opportunity to work outside is actually a very rarity. So there we go, another reason why Soraya may decide to marry him is because he took her viirginity…she feels she’s not worthy of any other decent man. If it’s written in a more modern setting, readers may question Harit’s EQ as well as asked why Soraya couldn’t go on the internet to prove her identity some other way, such as her university website or something. But it was old and it was so popular in its days (and to these days, too, I presume) and that’s why there are so many remakes.

  3. I agree Stockholm Syndrome, loss of her virginity, sexual attraction. Harin’s death and his anger also understanding his loneliness cause she is also alone. Also by getting her to take care of him he becomes the only man she has gotten close to and had intimate contact with.

    Me I would be running for the hills, getting protection order, moving. But most of all her debt she thinks she owes her cousin and family. I think it was his sincere change that made her fall in love with him. For him to confess everything to everyone and truly make a change, also admitt he loves her and want to marry her.

  4. It may look non-sense why soraya falls in love with harit after all that he has done to her. However, this novel was written some 50 years ago, and it’s true that thai women seem to love the men who take their virginity. But this is not the case or the main reason for soraya. Look at the development of the story, there are many many scenes that soraya sees harit in the other side of the coin. Harit is a hard working man. He is well loved by his staff and workers. Many times he has sense of humor. He rescues her from the sea twice. He is at many moments romantic. He teases her. They have many intimate moments together. Etc. Harit also develops his love and affection for her after seeing that soraya (or sansanee as he understands) is not as bad as he earlier thought. She has proved that she’s a good lady all the time they are together on the island. This makes him confused as he keeps telling himself this is the girl that caused his brother’s death. This may be the reason why he did that to her. After that, he feels guilty and tries to correct it. All these coincide and make them fall in love. Love is, though in real life, something you cannot understand, don’t you think?

  5. Hi, just wanna add my two-cent here ;-)

    I agree with suthiloka – we do get to see the other side of Harit. Yes, he tortures, abuses and rapes her. I don’t agree with the ‘R’ part anyway but I suppose the filmmaker probably wanna spice things up – other versions of this drama don’t have the ‘R’ scene, btw – and generally ladies are not supposed to be willing to sleep with a guy she’s not married to. Hence the ‘R’ scene (someone explained it better on “SarnWorld” forum – I’m not really good at this :-P).

    But I did get the sense that Harit really regrets his actions. I’ve lost count of how many times he apologises to Soraya – and apparently to fans of lakorns (again, I got this from SarnWorld” :-P) the male leads generally don’t do that much. Plus he goes after her even after he sends her home. Maybe some would think that he’s stalking her but for the romantic ones, it shows that he wants her and he just can’t stay away from the woman who’s taken his heart (geez, I’m really terrible at expressing myself ;-P)

    And yes, Soraya gets to see him with his workers, sees how much they look up to him, And how he cares for their well-being. How responsible he is etc. Maybe she realises that he’s not such a bad person after all – in spite of what he’s done to her.

    I’m not sure when she starts to have some sort of feelings towards him but remember the episode when Wiset the bad guy captures Soraya and tries to bargain with Harit oer the land ? i think she iis disappointed when Harit says to Wiset that Soraya means nothing to him – at that point I realises that she probably wants to mean something to him.

    And when they go back to the island after the incident, she is mad at him and just runs to her swing – and he follows her, of course. She asks him if he’s worried that she might tell her family and why he doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions to which he replies “Anger makes people do things without thinking”. I don’t know why but I can somehow relate to those words. Probably becoz I’ve regretted some of my actions and words when I got angry. No, I haven’t done anything as bad but still …! ;-P

    Oh yes — one of my fave part in the drama .. when they go to the beach to send Kawin (Harit’s right-hand man) to the boat and Kawin praises Soraya for her delicious coffee – he is jealous! I could see it in his eyes ;-D (Actually I think the male lead acted a lot thru his eyes – and I love it when any actor does that ;-)) And after that he says to her “If you play trick and escape again, I’ll follow you from pole to pole” . I love Soraya’s answerto that!

    – Liz –

  6. Because she’s masochist ? Because she’ s used to being abused ? Look how she adores her cousin, is willing to do anything to ‘save’ her. When the cousin is the bad one and treated her like dirt.

  7. well..i honestly think this is the best lakorn i’ve watched. i don’t like the lovey-dovey drama so this one is made especially for me since Harit is a total jerk. and i also liked the fact that Harit is not a STUPID male lead who will fall for a jealous woman’s lies about the leading girl. the only thing i dislike about this drama is that Harit hit people too much. aka. his servant. gosh. it made me so mad when Harit whipped him.

    i didn’t really mind the rape scene. i think it provened to us that Harit honestly just want to intimidate Soraya but when he started reading his brother’s letter, it anger him soo much about his death that his body move on its own. lol. i think.

    and why did Soraya fell for such a cruel guy like Harit? aside from his abusing, i believed that Soraya saw the side of Harit that said he loves his brother a lot, even more than his life, and he’s loyal to all his closed ones including his pearl sea thingie. although he may be cruel to her, he never let her die, yet after rescuing her, he would complain. I think Harit is just someone who tries to cover up his good side since he did fall into darkness after his brother died.

    anyways, my most favorite part of them all:
    ——-When Harit was forced to clean the window and he fall purposely just to make out with Soraya….Aaaaaawww……

  8. I’m 3 years late on commenting, i think in spite of everything Soriya loves Harit for being a good guy. She still cared for him even when he didn’t know who she was. When he was pretending to be sick she lost sleep just because she was worried about him. She also saved him from being eaten by the snake. Harit of course was always strangely attracted to Soriya, always wanting to sleep with her, joking around her, saving her from drowning. Both of them were oddly liking each other despite their situation.

  9. im 6 years late on commenting… i didint watch the R part
    they are actually kinda weird in love bahhhhhhhh ._.

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