Irritating characters in dramas

It’s only one character in particular I am thinking of and that is the mom in Sawan Biang. Kawee is going around harassing her daughter in her new marriage. You can see the obvious animosity he holds towards everyone. Now in episode three in a fit of pique he hurt his dad to the point that he had to be hospitalized. It wasn’t intentional on his part but never-the-less it did happen. Yet through it all she’s telling her other kids that they shouldn’t speak badly of Kawee.

Huh? Is he your child, that you are defending him so much?

I understand wanting to give someone the benefit of the doubt but he’s pretty much beyond that point now and it’s annoying to see her reprimanding her own kids in his favor. I wonder if in the original the mom was like this?


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  1. she feels sorry for him because he has no mother to discipline him and his dad is an ass who cant wait to sleep with a new wife…his dad doesnt care about him too so he try n get his dad’s attention

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