T.M. Revolution, woohoo!

I thought I would write this while the thoughts/emotions etc. are still fresh. I am just back from the T.M. Revolution concert at New York Comic-Con. He did not disappoint and strangely enough when he got called out for the encore came out even more hyped than before. The encore set was really high energy. When he went to leave the stage he kept blowing kisses at the audience and thanking everyone and he and the band were giving each other high fives due to the audience reaction.

He was pretty good working the crowd with the usual “Hello, New York” and “I love <insert city here>” singers do when they play somewhere. What he did that was great was to tell the crowd that they were great and awesome. Who doesn’t like to the be told those things? He played all his anime/video game songs so that it was easy for the crowd to follow along and sing some of the parts. He ended (before the encore) with Heart of Sword from Ruruoni Kenshin. It was funny for me to see him larger than life up on the stage because just the afternoon before I had seen him walking around the exhibitors hall and he’s really rather short. He actually walked right by me but people didn’t seem to recognize him. It was only when he was about to pass me that I was like omg it’s TMR! At this point it wasn’t open yet to the general public so he seemed to be kind of rushing through looking at things before the general public came through in about 10 minutes. No doubt once the general public came in it would have caused a ruckus to have TMR walking around like that and getting recognized.

All in all it was great. I’m not sure how they scored his first U.S. visit in four years but I’m glad they were able to get him.


  1. I am a japanese TMR fan. Thank you so much for wtithing your blog about him.
    I really enjoyed!!

  2. Your so right! That concert was great and even though i only know one song from him [Hot Limit] I couldn’t help rocking out along with the crowd. I had a front row seat too! My favorite part was when he threw the plastic cup into the audience and everyone went wild [Especially when he poured the water on himself haha]

  3. hi . i was at the concert. it was great. im a new tmr fan and if anyone can list the name of the songs in order that would be great thanks.

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