Taehyung V is in the dance line

So BTS’s choreographer tweeted that V is now officially part of the dance line (hopefully he was serious about this). All I can say is about d$#n time! V takes the lead fairly often in their dances and it is about time this is acknowledged. Now when are we going to hear him rap? Just kidding. I selfishly don’t want him rapping (unless he really wants to, that is). I know he can because I’ve heard him in clips doing part of the Cyphers but he has such a unique voice in K-pop that I am really enjoying him singing.
Most times in k-pop they stick the baritones to be rappers because it’s like they don’t know what to do with non-tenor voices and then everyone is all surprised when they hear a rapper singing one day and are like “Oh, they became a good singer”. They didn’t “become” good. They were always good it’s just the company didn’t know what to do with them and their baritone voice. Anyways enough of my rant. Here’s a link to V dancing. Enjoy!

Taehyung BTS Trailer

My goodness. Is it hot in here? I love V’s voice and his solo effort does not disappoint. His deep crooning voice is so fitting for these kind of melancholic songs. V’s voice is the reason Let Go has grown on me even though in the beginning I liked Don’t Leave Me more (with Jin and Jimin bringing it).
His voice is the perfect voice for such a sad melancholic song and it is definitely the perfect voice for Singularity. I don’t know that anyone else in BTS could have done this. I really appreciate how BigHit is all about the group but also allows it’s members to shine individually (I’ve had Jungkook’s Euphoria on repeat along with J-Hope’s P.O.P. (Piece of Peace)) Now it’s Tae’s turn. My ears have been blessed.