“El Cantante”

So I recently saw the movie “El Cantante” in which Marc Anthony plays the role of Hector LaVoe (real name Hector Perez) the Puerto Rican salsero. I haven’t actually read any of the reviews but it is my understanding from talking to a couple other people that this movie is not getting great reviews. I can imagine why if it is being billed as a “movie”. Since I viewed is a documentary I can’t say I was disappointed. It is not the greatest thing I’ve ever seen but neither can I complain about the price of admission.

I must admit that Jennifer Lopez was pretty good in this and I think she has nothing to be ashamed of as an actor and as a producer. I knew a little of the singer’s music but seeing the other things that had gone on in his life proved enlightening. If nothing else the movie can serve as one giant “say no to drugs” commercial since it is very evident in the movie what kind of destruction was wrought by Hector’s addiction to drugs. My one “complaint” if you will was that we were not shown the last few years of his life which kind of leaves “hanging” those not as familiar with his life and music.

I am perhaps dating myself but I really could not help but draw a parallel to the life of someone who I considered another great singer, Kurt Cobain. I wonder when the movie on his life will come out? I do remember right after his death there was some talk about a biopic but then nothing after that.  The movie also made me think about other singers and actresses we see on the news all the time whose lives seem to be self destructing due to an apparent dependency on narcotics. Perhaps they should see El Cantante so they can see it’s not a good path to be on.

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