Stolen One Piece, what’s the point?

So I know this happened  a few weeks ago and I meant to write about it but RL got in the way.

I am still scratching the head about the news that someone hacked into Funimation and stole an ep of One Piece and posted it one day before it was set to be released. Apparently Funimation had come to agreement with Toei to allow Funi to post one hour after the Japanese release.

Now I don’t necessarily feel that you should never watch fansubbed anime. There are some real gems out there that for whatever reason will never see the light of the day in the U.S. but seriously people this is “One Piece”, you know that it will be subbed and/or dubbed.

Also, the argument that many anime fans have given for years is that anime was taking too long to reach the U.S. from it’s Japanese release. Funi was releasing the ep one hour after it’s Japanese release.

So then again what was the point of stealing and posting, besides screwing it up for the rest of us?

Reaper Pilot ep.

Well episode 1 has come and gone. Not the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life but it is worth Tivoing (if my Tivo doesn’t crap out again). I’m glad to see that it has a very different tone from Brimstone. As per the descriptions of it, this definitely has a more comedic bent. It does require a bit of suspension of disbelief in the reactions of peripheral characters. I mean honestly I don’t care how good a friend you are I think most people would be a little more freaked if their friend came up to them saying their parents had sold their soul to the devil.

Tyler Labine as expected was pretty funny he got some of the best lines in my opinion granted a little over the top at times but it fits in with the quirkiness of the show. I must say that one way in which Brimstone has spoiled me is in John Glover’s portrayal of the devil. For someone who has never seen Brimstone, I’m sure the actor in Reaper is fine but having seen Brimstone I got totally spoiled by John Glover’s ability to make one actually be amused at what is really a scary concept and character. I suspect that no one does snarkiness like John Glover. I don’t watch Smallville but I’m sure he was just as good portraying Lionel Luther.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Even if I don’t watch it live it is a program worth Tivoing.

Damn you TiVo!!!!!!!!

My TiVo decided to spazz and thus I have missed the season premeire of Heroes. I’ve been sick as a dog the past few days and was really looking forward to this *sigh*. Even Lovely Complex which is usually good for a laugh had a very angst filled episode.

(Koizume why in the world would you go to that concert knowing how Otani feels? tsk, tsk.)

In any case here is a Heroes vid based on last seasons happenings.

“Reaper” New Fall 07 Show

Is it being disloyal to Brimstone that I am actually anticipating Reaper which is scheduled to show on CW, Tuesdays at 9 P.M.?

Reaper, surprisingly enough is about a young man who has to return escaped souls to hell. Sound familiar Brimstone fans? This show is supposed to have a comedic bent which will probably make it a bit more palatable to a wider audience. It’s also got Tyler Labine in it who back in 2001 was in a quirky funny show called “Dead Last” which unfortunately was about where it finished in the ratings and was subsequently canceled. It’s one of those shows I keep hoping the SciFi channel runs one of these days. (Well, that and G vs. E, which if you saw Dead Last you would understand the connection).

As you can probably see from this post I’ve got a fondness for quirky scifi shows that are (IMHO) prematurely canceled. Better keep my love of “Heroes” under wraps :D