JHope’s HopeWorld is lit!

So I had to come back on to wordpress after about 5 years (wasn’t sure if I could even log in, haha) just to share in the excitement of JHope’s mixtape finally dropping. The song Daydream that has an mv is everything I wanted from JHope in this mixtape.

I know he can rap, I know he can dance but we just don’t get enough of his singing and we do get it a couple of times on this mixtape. The song Daydream being one of them. For a few reasons I won’t be purchasing the mixtape today but tomorrow bright and early I will be supporting my BTS bias for sure. They better have all the tracks. I’m kind of annoyed that iTunes doesn’t have the Agust D track on (bias wrecker) Suga’s mixtape.

Anyways if you haven’t seen it yet go check out Daydream by JHope.





Is addiction funny? Depends what the addiction is, I guess.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Love him or not, one can’t deny his contribution

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. I haven’t been a fan for years but I recognize that we’ve lost a great talent who performed deeply personal lyrics and brought attention to a part of the world (Africa) that most Americans pay little attention to.

LeVar Burton is hotter than your *bleep* *bleep*

Profanity ahead! I was looking around twitter and LeVar Burton had a link to this so I checked it out. Apparently it was made by some fans of his….either that or someone was very bored.

There are just no words to describe this, LOL.

Profanity just ahead…

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Thoughts on Google Chrome

Very short podcast Thoughts on Google Chrome regarding Google Chrome, Google’s new web browser now in beta.

The Onion on YouTube

Okay how the heck did I miss that The Onion had a YouTube presence? I’ve been laughing hysterically watching the clips. I’m not sure what is funnier, their serious “news stories” (if I was one of the actors I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face). or the comments of the viewers. Here is a clip of the The Onion News Network. Oh, and just in case anyone is concerned. No it is not real. The Onion is all about satire.

Mute Math rocks!

Hehe, totally cliche title, I know. I’ve been kind of out of it the past few weeks which is why I haven’t checked in. Due to a sucky net connection I am behind on the dramas I had been watching. I have to wait for subs in any case though I do watch some raw. Let’s face it some dramas are not that deep and you can pretty much tell by the action what’s going on.

In any case, as I said I haven’t really been online that much but I just got on a little bit ago and started poking around. I just clicked on some random person’s blog and saw that they had a link to a Mute Math performance. Apparently Mute Math was on Conan O’Brien and I missed it! Not that hard to do since I don’t watch the late shows. This is where YouTube, as much as they piss me off at times, comes in handy. This is my driving to work music, people. Well this and Deepest Blue who supposedly broke up )=

In any case enjoy! This is “Break the Same” by Mute Math.