Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tur (Tomorrow, I’ll Still Love You)

So I have recently finished the above mentioned Thai lakorn. I really enjoyed it for the most part. I started watching out of curiosity to see Aom but what kept me was the Pee & Kong relationship.

This is the story of Kaew who six years before was dating Por. Por’s sister Put in a fit of jealous rage killed Kaew’s sister (King?) thinking she(King?) was having an affair with Put’s husband. This caused Kaew to break up with Por. Six years later the family is still suffering the loss of the sister and Kaew’s mother is in poor health. Needing money Kaew gets a new job where surpirse, surprise, Por is her new boss. He is understandably bitter about the dissolution of their relationship years before.

In the meantime Kong while with his mother in the hospital mistakenly accuses a good Samaritan of having stolen his mother’s wallet. That guy turns out to be Pee, the brother of James, husband of Put, who was the reason that Kaew and Kong’s sister was killed. Neither of them realize the connection at first. When Kong does realize he wants nothing to do with Pee.

I actually found this secondary couple more interesting than the main couple. Perhaps because I just came off of watching Life is Beautiful. Kyung Soo and Tae Sub were good together but they were already in an established relationship when LiB started and their whole storyline centered around them being gay. Pee and Kong it’s almost incidental that they are two guys. Their storyline in reality is the same as Por and Kaew. Por’s family has caused them a lot of pain and a relationship with anyone from the family would be out of the question. It was interesting to actually see feelings unfold between them naturally.

I’m so inspired by this drama I am seriously considering writing a Spanish sub for the Pee/Kong parts, LOL.
I don’t know if it’s just the actor’s ability or the writing but Pee and Kong actually seemed like a more natural couple to me. There were plenty of longing looks and O is a fabulous actor. Some of the looks he was giving Kong you could tell he wanted him, haha. He was exactly the same as when I’ve seen him in other dramas with no awkwardness that he was paired with a male rather than the usual female. Fluke also did a great job especially I think with the emotional scenes. I don’t want to spoil it but things get really tough for Kong in one of the later episodes and I actually got a bit teary eyed which is very rare for me. I watched a sub interview someone posted on YouTube and apparently Fluke did not know he was playing a gay character when he was given a role in the lakorn. He really threw himself into the role. There were a few bits of awkwardness but I attribute that more not having a lot of acting experience.

Some of my negatives with this drama had to do with the Por and Kaew relationship. I found her to be somewhat of a doormat in many ways but unfortunately this happens way too often in lakorns. Por was the usual lead male acting tough and arrogant but inside you know he is crying.

I am posting two clips below. One is the first part of ep. 5 which is when Pee and Kong first meet. Below that is the song that Fluke sings for the drama. He’s got a nice soft voice.

Episode 5.1

Kwarm Roo Seuk Dee Dee (Tee Mai Aht Bauk Krai) / Good Feelings that we Can’t Tell Anyone

Crazy JYJ fans almost trample them

Wow. Caught this clip on Youtube of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu – JYJ
They are arriving at Pudong airport and the fans go crazy and it looks very dangerous and scary. Why in the world would you act this way? You are putting this band you love so much in danger and could have hurt them. I mean around 2:57 Jaejoong looks like he’s falling and disappears from view for a couple of seconds. Frightening.
These fans need to get control of themselves.

–Edit 12/23/10– the previous vid is gone. Here is another one.

Se7en’s album to drop 7/7

Not much of a post just dropping by to say in case you didn’t catch it—Se7en recently had a press conference in LA to announce his upcoming album. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything about it other than a mention I found in someone else’s blog (which I unfortunately don’t remember whose). Today I had the chance to look on YT for any info unfortunately the press conference clips are hard to hear but I did find a clip of a preview of his new song ‘Them Girls’. Sounds good so far! Check it out below.

Yeah, it’s another Darkchild Production
And my homie Se7en, let’s go

I like them girls that’s hard to get
I like them girls, shot calling a whip
I like them girls (girls), I like them girls (girls)
I like them girls, that’ll love to trip
Trying to spend 24 at Se7en’s crib
Girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls I do adore

Let me holla at ya girl
Every time I turn around
The girls be looking at me
I see a couple of ’em in the crowd
And I can tell that they wanna be
Be the one that’ll make me settle down
Take my number out of the game
Until I find that, I’ma fall back
I’ll tell you what I’m looking for

Tryna make you my accessory (yeah)
All girls are necessary (yeah)
Like Will I’m Legend, feel me
You can Google me, baby
Been around the world, Asia to Philly (oh yeah)
Across the border they all look good to me
I need a few more, so call the G4
Tell them that we only got room for seven more

I like them girls that’s hard to get
I like them girls, shot calling the whip
I like them girls (girls), I like them girls (girls)
I like them girls, that’ll love to trip
Trying to spend 24 at Se7en’s crib
Girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls I do adore…

This is what YouTube should be about!

This has nothing whatever to do with drama or manga except that I stumbled upon this while looking at Roy Adeed Hang Ruck (somebody pleeeaaase do an English sub!). There are some vids up about pangea day which I have never heard of but its basically the idea of promoting a day of unity on May 10, 2008 and they have all these short clips of one nation singing another nation’s national anthem. It’s wonderful and very touching. I was particularly touched by Kenya singing to India. They are each about 1 minute long.

YouTube link for Pangea Day YouTube channel and below is the Imagine!Kenya sings for India vid.

Sims videos

Yes I’m way behind, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m kinda down on YouTube at this point. Since I rarely visit the site now-a-days imagine my surprise to discover this new (to me) genre of videos. People are taking Sims 2 characters and making music videos using them. Very clever and btw, I am really jealous of ppl who have the ability to do this. In any case, below you will find the vid I bumped into. A whole new take on AMVs which is what I am more familiar with. This is what I want to see from YouTube. I know there will be the usual protests about copyright which I understand but what I mean by “this” is that it is something that showed some creativity and originality not the usual vid of someone slipping and busting their head on the sidewalk which is what seems to pass for humor these days.

Anyway, enjoy the vid!

Am I too old for YouTube?


I see YouTube is suspending accounts left and right. Yes, yes we all know people are uploading copyrighted material which technically does not belong to them. I understand deleting the vids or their account etc. to correct this. My quibble isn’t directly with this. Its more an issue of what is replacing these vids. I began to notice more and more when I would visit YouTube there is some vid showing someone in some sexy pose with a vid and vid info whose whole purpose seemed to be to go into great detail about what makes the poster so sexy.

Or I would innocently put in some search term only to find myself looking at some vid of a very obese woman dancing or whatever. I mean I know companies want to protect their assets but personally I would rather see some kid’s homage to their favorite anime than some woman prancing around 1/2 dressed whether its the obese woman or the woman who thinks she is God’s gift to humanity. Just today I logged into my account for the first time in a couple of weeks and what do I see? There were thumbnails of a few featured vids. The very first one was some woman’s a@@ hanging out from the bottom of her way too short skirt. I suspect that even if I were gay this would not tempt me. As it is I just find it annoying.

We’ve also got about 1 million vids that some dingbat has put up about someone playing DDR. Usually its an overweight person but just the other day I stumbled upon a vid that someone had put up of a one legged man playing DDR. What the hell is so hilarious about watching a physically challenged person playing DDR? For that matter, whats so funny about a fat person playing DDR? We want kids to be more physically active but honestly why should they? They are probably scared they will wind up on a YouTube vid with a brilliant “fat kid playing DDR” as video info.

Am I just too old for YouTube? Is this what passes for humor these days? Is this what YouTube is striving for? Is this the kind of original content they want?

Please bring back the anime vids. The slashy vids. Just save me from another vid of some unfortunate person innocently having fun on a video game while some degenerate snickers in the background as they film the “hilarious” moment.