Life is Beautiful -K drama

So I am watching the Korean drama Life is Beautiful and can I just say this drama is beautiful too. I am up to Ep. 28 and unfortunately don’t have access to some eps but what I’ve seen has been very touching. It is basically a drama about the different relationships in a family. Their relation to each other as well as touching on the love lives of the adult children.

I think the parents in this drama are great and very understanding parents and it really comes across how much they love their kids and want what is best for them. At the heart of the drama (at least in the eps I’ve seen) is the relationship of the oldest son Tae Sub with his boyfriend Kyung Soo. It really depicts how difficult it is in to be in the closet and then how difficult it is to make the decision to come out to the family. There is a good contrast in the reaction of Tae Sub’s and Kyung Soo’s family. It is at times heartbreaking to see Tae Sub’s parents try to be strong and balance their love for him with the news that for them came out of left field.

Can I just say that Ho Sub is the brother everyone would love to have. No matter what is the reaction of people around him you can tell that in his eyes Tae Sub is still his beloved hyung and nothing has changed for him. The character is very cute, not just physically but also in his eagerness and his caring towards those around him.

I think the writer is doing a wonderful job of conveying how even within families people can have very different beliefs of what they find acceptable. Tae Sub and Kyung Soo look good together (some slight awkwardness on the actors’ part but that seems to change over the course of the eps.) and care deeply for one another while at the same time being very much aware of how their relationship is impacting their families.

All in all a drama well worth watching. Though obviously due to the topic if you are a homophobe then watch something else.


Crazy JYJ fans almost trample them

Wow. Caught this clip on Youtube of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu – JYJ
They are arriving at Pudong airport and the fans go crazy and it looks very dangerous and scary. Why in the world would you act this way? You are putting this band you love so much in danger and could have hurt them. I mean around 2:57 Jaejoong looks like he’s falling and disappears from view for a couple of seconds. Frightening.
These fans need to get control of themselves.

–Edit 12/23/10– the previous vid is gone. Here is another one.

Is addiction funny? Depends what the addiction is, I guess.

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Love him or not, one can’t deny his contribution

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. I haven’t been a fan for years but I recognize that we’ve lost a great talent who performed deeply personal lyrics and brought attention to a part of the world (Africa) that most Americans pay little attention to.

Stolen One Piece, what’s the point?

So I know this happened  a few weeks ago and I meant to write about it but RL got in the way.

I am still scratching the head about the news that someone hacked into Funimation and stole an ep of One Piece and posted it one day before it was set to be released. Apparently Funimation had come to agreement with Toei to allow Funi to post one hour after the Japanese release.

Now I don’t necessarily feel that you should never watch fansubbed anime. There are some real gems out there that for whatever reason will never see the light of the day in the U.S. but seriously people this is “One Piece”, you know that it will be subbed and/or dubbed.

Also, the argument that many anime fans have given for years is that anime was taking too long to reach the U.S. from it’s Japanese release. Funi was releasing the ep one hour after it’s Japanese release.

So then again what was the point of stealing and posting, besides screwing it up for the rest of us?

LeVar Burton is hotter than your *bleep* *bleep*

Profanity ahead! I was looking around twitter and LeVar Burton had a link to this so I checked it out. Apparently it was made by some fans of his….either that or someone was very bored.

There are just no words to describe this, LOL.

Profanity just ahead…

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Ookiku Furikabutte/ Big Windup

I immediately had to run over and post this. I don’t know how long it’s been there but has 4 dubbed episodes of this amazing anime. This will have to tide me over until Funimation starts selling the DVDs.

You can find it here