Stolen One Piece, what’s the point?

So I know this happened  a few weeks ago and I meant to write about it but RL got in the way.

I am still scratching the head about the news that someone hacked into Funimation and stole an ep of One Piece and posted it one day before it was set to be released. Apparently Funimation had come to agreement with Toei to allow Funi to post one hour after the Japanese release.

Now I don’t necessarily feel that you should never watch fansubbed anime. There are some real gems out there that for whatever reason will never see the light of the day in the U.S. but seriously people this is “One Piece”, you know that it will be subbed and/or dubbed.

Also, the argument that many anime fans have given for years is that anime was taking too long to reach the U.S. from it’s Japanese release. Funi was releasing the ep one hour after it’s Japanese release.

So then again what was the point of stealing and posting, besides screwing it up for the rest of us?

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