Harit is not so bad after all (in comparison anyway)

I’ve been thinking of how best to phrase this because after all I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I condone any of Harit’s actions.

I don’t.

However in light of what I’ve been seeing on Sawan Biang I decided to go back and re-watch some episodes of Jam Loey Rak. What I’ve discovered is that Harit is pretty much a sweetheart compared to Kawee thus far. Episode 8 in particular, in which he discovers that Soraya is not Sansanee, is particularly telling. I’m including a clip here so you can see what I refer to (much thanks to Wishboniko for taking the time to subtitle and upload the lakorns).

If you noticed at about minute 4:05 when she tells him to stay back they make a point of showing him stepping away from her. We at least see that he is trying to respect her space in the face of her distress. And the actor does a good job of appearing sorry at least. He actually seems hurt that she tells him she hates him (I love that by the way, that is exactly what you should be screaming at someone who did what he did).

Rape is wrong obviously. However in the mythical world of drama, Harit did this one time. What is up with Kawee in Sawan Biang? You can’t even really blame it on Leela because except for the slap most of her dangerous personality had not even come out until after the rapes had occurred. Now let us say Kawee suffered some intense rage etc. after the slapping incident and thats why he essentially kidnapped Narin and forced himself on her. Well he still continues the behavior after they get back to the house!

They just appeared to go so way overboard with the amount of times Narin was assaulted and the “reasons” behind each assault. I guess it is to show the contrast when his personality softens later in the drama. In real life I don’t think there is forgiveness for Kawee. His turn around could happen again and he could go back to being an asshole who decides to rape someone because they don’t want to eat their dinner or whatever.

It almost pains me to write this but I guess Harit is better in that way because judging by his remorse and actions etc. I don’t think this is something he would ever do again whereas Kawee just seems really mentally unstable and does not have any healthy outlet for his anger.

I still don’t understand — Jam Loey Rak -Take 2

-Warning! Spoilers ahead–

So I finished watching Jam Loey Rak about a week ago and I still don’t understand how she fell in love with him. I can understand his feelings towards her in a sense, fueled by lust and remorse at the way he has treated her. Soraya is also a good person and he can see that and realize that she was a treasured friend of his brother.

There is however no reason that I can see why she should fall in love with him. He did give her a lovely bracelet as a gift but as lovely as it is, it can not compensate for his treatment of her. Actually as I was watching it I began to wonder if any feelings Soraya exhibited towards Harit were really a manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome.

It’s also interesting to me that the few pics and images I’ve seen around of Soraya and Harit will show them in a loving embrace or holding hands and smiling as if this was some grand love. Maybe if they put the words “1 year later” on the bottom of the pics? This really isn’t that kind of lovey-dovey drama you would expect from the images. Whether or not you agree with my character assessments I think most anyone would characterize this as a very angst laden drama and not a grandly romantic love story.

Kidnapping, angst, crazy unrequited love, misunderstandings…it must be drama!

No I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I have just been trying to catch up on all the drama and fanfic out there. A futile effort I know since there is just no way I could do this and maintain a full time job.

I have though, started to watch a Thai drama named “Jam Loey Rak”. I have made it to episode 6 through sheer force of will and, I admit, morbid curiosity as to how in the world they are going to get the two main characters together. I have missed episode 1 but from what I have gathered Harit’s brother died after having his heart broken by someone named Sansanee. In some twisted bid for revenge Harit kidnaps Sansanee. The problem is he has made a mistake and kidnapped the wrong person.

Episodes 2 through 6 has Harit treating So as if she were dirt and mentally torturing her with threats of violence and sexual assault. He has his servant Bai also watching after So and does not hesitate to beat him and threaten him whenever So makes one of her tries for freedom. I wouldn’t touch a guy like this with a ten foot pole. He really seems to have an abusive personality. I understand, for the sake of the story line, his treatment of her but the fact that he whips his servant to the point of leaving marks on his back…well I have yet to see what could possibly make her fall in love with him. I’m basically hanging on to this drama to see how the writers are going to accomplish this one.

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