The perils of insomnia

Two posts in one night….and now I’ve been reduced to playing forum games on a site I frequent.

In any case one of the games was a “poetry war” this is what my sleep deprived brain came up with in response to the person before me questioning the use of the word “wahey” another poster had used in a poem.

Wahey is a word. Don’t you know rap?
Old skool words like izza kizza and phat
Fake a word and make it sound mystic
Just get over by claiming to be artistic.

People will believe if you convince them it’s true
that its cool to say words like floobity floop
if they don’t agree just call them a grappity groose
for not being as smart as you and Dr. Seuss

It took me about a minute and a half to write that as I’m sure you can tell by the quality.