Heroes…Adam is who?

So we get to see who killed Hiro’s father. I must say I was not really surprised. Now the question is whether or not Takezo has spent the past 400 years plotting revenge against Hiro. My TiVo (grrr) cut a bit of the ending of but it appears as if Hiro will try to return to the past to save his father. Will he see Takezo there?

As for the others I’m trying to feel sympathy for Maya and her brother but I’m just not feeling those characters. It’s like the storyline with Matt Parkman and his wife. I could care less about it and was just waiting for them to get off the screen so we could continue with the show. Nothing against Matt’s character, it was just the storyline itself that annoyed me. Things are much better this season as we see his powers expanding and Matt dealing with the scars left over from his dad’s abandonment of the family. Watching this season also provides me with a sense of nostalgia for the days when I had the time to read crazy amounts of slash fiction. I’ve seen Mylar (Mohinder/Sylar) fic around and read them with amusement but incredulity. The Matthinder relationship for me is completely different. I think it has to do with Molly’s presence. With her there and them sharing Mohinder’s apartment it is so obvious to me that they are a family and from there to deduce that Matt and Mohinder are a couple. Matt already considers himself her dad as evidenced in the episode “Four Months Ago” where he says that he is a good father in reference to Molly. I hope they keep this little family unit together whether or not Matt and Mohinder are a “couple”. These are both men of integrity and though I disagree with many of Mohinder’s choices I can’t deny that he at least thinks he is making them for the right reasons. Props to the writers for creating such interesting characters on the show and knowing when to cut loose of a storyline that isn’t working.