What mental disorder is this?

It’s funny how you can watch something and see certain behavior that either doesn’t bother you or that you create excuses for. I find myself doing with this dramas. I’ve mentioned before here, the drama 30000 Miles in Search of My Son. As I watched I found it sort of amusing that he claimed a baby as his son in order to get out of an arranged marriage. In real life it is pretty obvious that you need to turn this child in to social services.

I find the reactions to certain characters in lakorns just as interesting. I don’t speak thai so if I happen to be looking at something raw on YouTube I will usually look at comments just to get a general idea of what is going on in that segment of an episode. I took a glance at Wimarn Sai comments where people were talking about how hot the lead was etc. Imagine my surprise when there was a rape scene in that ep. No one even mentioned it! This was only episode 2 mind you who knows what he’ll engage in, in later episodes.

I find the same sort of thing in Sawan Bieng. I’ve seen a lot of discussion around blogs and stuff excusing Kawee’s behavior. This guy is engaging in mental torture and already several rapes. Saying that he doesn’t have his father’s love is not quite enough to excuse this kind of behavior. It wouldn’t be a lakorn without the craziness I guess. It’s not so much the behavior that I find interesting but the reaction to it. In real life I say this kind of person needs to be jailed or committed.

What disorder is it that Kawee is displaying exactly? Is he a sociopath? Is he a danger to society in that he can’t seem to engage in a healthy outlet for his anger? One that doesn’t involve hurting someone. Maybe it would be a less acceptable character if it were not for the fact that Ken is playing him.

I guess thats the point of watching dramas. It’s real escapism from what is (or is not) acceptable in society.

Btw, Kawee’s craziness aside its good to see Ken playing this kind of character and stretching his acting skills beyond the adorably good natured characters I’ve seen him play.