I still don’t understand — Jam Loey Rak -Take 2

-Warning! Spoilers ahead–

So I finished watching Jam Loey Rak about a week ago and I still don’t understand how she fell in love with him. I can understand his feelings towards her in a sense, fueled by lust and remorse at the way he has treated her. Soraya is also a good person and he can see that and realize that she was a treasured friend of his brother.

There is however no reason that I can see why she should fall in love with him. He did give her a lovely bracelet as a gift but as lovely as it is, it can not compensate for his treatment of her. Actually as I was watching it I began to wonder if any feelings Soraya exhibited towards Harit were really a manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome.

It’s also interesting to me that the few pics and images I’ve seen around of Soraya and Harit will show them in a loving embrace or holding hands and smiling as if this was some grand love. Maybe if they put the words “1 year later” on the bottom of the pics? This really isn’t that kind of lovey-dovey drama you would expect from the images. Whether or not you agree with my character assessments I think most anyone would characterize this as a very angst laden drama and not a grandly romantic love story.