Moving quicker than the eye can see (or Ookiku Furikabutte Eps. 9 & 10)

Episode 9 was quite interesting. We really only see Mihashi a few times in this ep and of course he barely talks. This episode is totally Abe centered. This is all about Abe in junior high and his relationship to his pitcher then. As we see its a completely different person than Mihashi in terms of characteristics and feelings about baseball as a sport vs. means to an end. Abe describes his former pitcher as a “terrible pitcher” (according to the fansub) and we get to understand what Abe considers to be a terrible pitcher.

Episode 10 comes back to the present with the Manager deciding to name another pitcher and catcher for the team. If you’ve seen previous eps then you can imagine how Mihashi takes the news of another pitcher. “Abe-kun” has to employ some psychology to figure this one out. The anime is possibly moving away from being so Mihashi centered as other players are given defining characteristics and given more face time. Mihashi also appears to have one other person besides Abe that he is relating to, although to me it appears rather jarring and I don’t know that this relationship was addressed in previous eps. This could just be though that there was a long gap between my viewing of eps. 1-8 vs. eps. 9 & 10 so that I’ve forgotten many of the minor events in eps. 1-8.

Now the reason for the title of this post? Unfortunately I don’t have the ep so I don’t have screen captures to show you but there is a cute mistake in episode 10. The manager announces that they need to choose a captain for the team. As one, team members turn to look at one person. Mihashi and Abe are standing in front of him but on opposite sides. In the very next scene Abe and Mihashi have shifted. Abe is next to the Captain, Mihashi behind him and the other player who had been in the previous scene has completely disappeared! As I said…”moving quicker than the eye can see”.


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